Friday, September 08, 2006

How to make your home secure, outside and in.

Your property should be secure at all times, whether you're home or not.
Adequate security can prevent thieves from being tempted to target your house.
Follow these few easy tips so your house becomes a bad choice for a burglar:

* Remove any plants or shrubs that obscure the front of your property

* Plant thorny bushes such as roses, bougainvillea etc., under windows and
along fences

* If you have a fence on theside of the house that leads to the rear of the
property, make sure there is a secure latch on the gate door. For night
protection or added security, place a padlock on the inside of the gate latch.

* Do not leave ladders or tools next to the house. A ladder leaning against
the house or a tool left by a window is quite helpful to the burglar trying to
enter your home.

* Install sensor lights around the perimeter of the reisdence.

* Install 1 inch deadbolts on all entrance doors.

* Put locks on all windows.

* Have some type of covering on all windows.

* Designate and fully equip a "safe room".

* If you don't have a dog in the house, get a tape recording of a really loud,
scary bark that can be played if an unwanted solicitor comes to your door.

* Install an alarm system in the house.

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