Friday, September 04, 2009

$8,0000 Tax Credit - Real Estate Cash for Action !

Cash for clunkers was a success in many ways. It helped the economy, it helped the environement, it helped many new car owners who took advantage of $4,500 offerred by this program. It is still helping and will help them saving money on fuel cost in years to come, when they are going to drive their newly purchased, more efficient cars. Thinking about Real Estate, the $8,000 Tax Credit, can be called Real Estate Cash for Action of buying first home. The action, which has to be taken by qualified, first time home buyers. If they want take advantage of this money, they should buy a house and close escrow by the end of November 2009. With low home prices and low interest rates, the first time home buyers should take action NOW! It is the beginning of September, so less than 2 months before this $8,000 Tax Credit will be gone. Timing is very important here, especially for first time home buyers with FHA loans, when home buying process may take 45 days or longer. But even with conventional home loans this process may take well over 30 days due to recent changes in Truth In Lending Act. If you are Houston area first time home buyer, talk to your Houston Realtor, who will help you find the right house and will walk you through complicated home buying process.

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