Saturday, October 31, 2009

Are you using videos to market your Houston home for sale?

Full motion, high definition videos of properties for sale like this one are in demand from home buyers and home sellers and are the future of real estate marketing. Yet it seems that not so many real estate professionals are using videos so far. Many agents are using slide shows or virtual tours and call them incorrectly as videos.Walk through Videos are the most effective way of giving maximum exposure to potential home buyers of properties for sale as 24/7 Open Houses. They are win-win tools for all parties involved:

For home sellers:
1. Give a maximum exposure for their houses for sale
2. More potential buyers "walk through" houses online before they actualy decide to go there
3. Save home sellers time since videos help eliminate actual showings just for lookers
4. Help sell houses faster

For home buyers:
1. Save time and fuel cost involved in driving to preview homes
2. Convenience, they can "walk through" houses online anytime, at their convenience from the comfort of their home
3. Help out of time buyers to "walk through" houses they are interested to buy without the expense of flying or driving

For real estate agents:
1. Save time and fuel cost involved in driving home buyers to preview houses, since buyers can decide which houses they really would like to go to and eliminate those not matching their interest.
2. Give maximum exposure to their listings and help them get more listings

Videos also help home buyers to preview neighborhoods before they decide to buy a house

1 comment:

  1. This is an awesome post! You are right on and remember, when a home buyer visits a lot of homes they all seem to blend together.

    So they may not remember which one had the bigger closet or which one had the nice deck. Now they can look at the videos and make their choice...awesome!

    You are ahead of the times Irena Because I think in a couple of years videos will be the norm for any successful Agent.
    Thanks! Richard