Sunday, February 06, 2011

Put any video on any web site in minutes using Easy Web Video

Easy Web Video is a great tool, which allows to put any video on any Web site in minutes.

It can be downloaded for free to try out all that it can do, and it can do a lot:

- easily convert almost any video type
- add labels to the video
- add links to the video
- add several videos to a video playlist (multi-video player)
- choose from lots of unique player styles
- add an Aweber email form to the video
- add social media buttons by ticking a box (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

And a lot more.

You can check it here
It's split into two panes, the left shows your "source" video and the right shows your "web" video.

Other tools use a wizard-like interface but this one shows you everything in a split screen, which I like to be able to compare my source with the web video.
When your web video looks the way you want it, just click "Publish".
That's it! No flash files to deal with, no FTP, nothing. Just click "Publish".

When you click "Publish" THEN you're prompted to signup for just $9.95/month for unlimited video hosting and playback from their dedicated servers.

Once it's published you get your own online Video Gallery where you can manage your videos online. Once it's published:

* your videos playback on iPods, iPhones, iPads

* you immediately get a "Public URL" for you to quickly share a link with anyone

* this "Public URL" is editable with a WYSIWYG editor for creating quick custom video pages

* you can enable comprehensive video analytics, to see how many people have played your
video, how long the videos played for, where they played from, and so on.

These video analytics allow you to determine how effective a video really is. Great info to have!

At the very least it's worth downloading and playing with it before you decide to sign up. See it here.

YouTube is great, sure, but there are many times where you don't want to promote their brand, or have a big square hyperlink (the YouTube video itself) on your site.

Try Easy Web Video. You will be glad you did. It is a great tool to promote any business online, but especially it is a great tool to promote real estate listings, real estate services and possibilities are unlimited.

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